What information is needed for sea/air freight from China to Singapore? What is the process like?
Guangzhou to Singapore Shipping Shuangqing-Singapore Shipping Express-Singapore Shipping Line
Our advantageous routes include shipping to Singapore, air shipping to Singapore, 
and very rich experience in the fields of furniture shipping in Singapore, immigration and moving, and foreign trade and export!
Guangzhou Dianjie International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international freight forwarding logistics company. 
Its main business development direction is integrated lean logistics/international freight export agency-shipping, 
air transportation, warehousing, and distribution services. It has a complete global water/sea transportation network,
 covering the Pearl River Delta in southern China with Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It has a "all-round, full-process, 
all-weather" work philosophy, and is dedicated to designing reasonable, effective, economical,
 and suitable for each customer The best water/sea transportation solution with its own characteristics, 
providing full-service tracking of the entire sea transportation.

Singapore ocean shipping operation process:
The first step: Both parties confirm the transportation price, 
and the goods can be received about 12 days after the container is loaded and the ship is set up.
 The freight does not include the Singapore Goods and Services Tax (GST) 7%, except for special circumstances of 
the shipping schedule (such as container inspection, typhoon, etc., which will be delayed. The sailing schedule is about 2-3 days).
Step 2: Dear, you choose the items from each Taobao merchant, and use our warehouse address as the delivery address. 
Warehouse address: 1st Floor, Building 2, No. 8, Jiahe Wanggang Industrial 2nd Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,
 with the warehouse number, each Each customer has its own warehouse number to ensure that the warehouse receipt will not confuse the goods
The third step: Our company will provide the "List of Goods". Dear, 
the items you buy in each store will be shipped by the courier company or logistics company. 
Please write down the order number and fill in the "List of Goods" . Give it to me again to confirm whether all the goods are in place, 
and then both parties will confirm OK, arrange the order, and the small goods can be packed together for free. Arrange the loading together again.
 (Note that if the fragile products are not insured under the International Maritime Law, compensation is not included if they are damaged during transportation.
 If you are buying fragile products, if you do not want to buy insurance, you must lay a wooden frame)
Step 4: Two days before arranging the loading, I need to provide me with the "List of Goods". 
The name, price, quantity, consignee information, and address of the goods in the list of goods must be filled in correctly. 
This is related to 7% GST tariff and delivery.
Step 5: The goods have been arranged for loading, please inform us of the freight payment method. Prepaid and collect. 
If it is prepaid, please pay the freight within three days. If there is no freight arranged, 
our company will not be responsible for the delay and non-delivery at that time. Pay on delivery: 
means that the freight is paid in Singapore and directly paid in SGD

The sixth step: Singapore shipping schedule is available, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, counting from the container,
 2 days customs declaration, 3-4 days sailing time, 1 day customs clearance, tow container plus 1-3 days for delivery,
 (shipping delay is delayed except)
Step 7: Singapore 7% GST tariff is paid directly to the delivery driver or to the Singapore company.
 Pay attention to the receipt of the goods, whether the number of pieces is not correct for your shipment, 
and whether the outer packaging is damaged. If you have the above problems, please indicate on the receipt Remarks are good. 
Communicate with us as soon as possible to negotiate and deal with

In terms of delivery fees in Guangzhou:
Our company has air freight, sea freight big parcel (cubic), sea freight small parcel kilograms to calculate the way, 
you give the cargo information, our business will give you the most suitable transportation method, 
how to get it cost-effective, and small parcels will help you for free Packed together, price is not the only standard to measure. 
Our company advocates development in terms of service and timeliness, and price is also advantageous.
 Our own system can track all the dynamics of the goods from the warehouse, so that you can track it. 
If you feel that it is still If you are satisfied, you can contact Kevin (Mr. Fang) for consultation.

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